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Chesley Kennedy and Justin White, owners of A Affordable Home Improvement & Restoration, LLC, came to me in early 2015 to revise and upgrade their web site at  Their business focus had changed quite a bit since 2011 when we designed their current web site.  

The 2001 site focused on their home restoration services. They do still provide restoration services, but also have expanded to custom home construction and full house renovations. They and their staff are true craftsmen and their renovation projects are very beautiful and well-constructed. The 2015 design reflects the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into their new home construction and home renovation projects.

They opted to go full width on the design rather than a defined width.  This type of design must be very flexible and take into account large monitors.  Using responsive design and the rich colors taken from photographs of their recent renovations, we used visual elements and the menu to describe their main business services.

2011 Web Site,
2015 Web Site,