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I recently stumbled upon this article that does a great job covering "How To Hire A Local Web Designer".  If you are visiting my site as part of your search for a local web designer/web developer, than take the time to read this article, too:  The author covers important points.  

If you are curious ... YES, we do:  

  • We design "mobile-first" so that our web sites' visual and interactive elements are functional on any device.
  • We use CMS software.  This has many advantages for you, the site owner/administrator.  Currently, we use the Joomla! CMS (as does and
  • We are proficient in HTML and CSS.
  • We use top-quality commercial templates with beautiful design elements, and have graphic designers available if your site requires advanced custom graphics.
  • We consider SEO in the planning process of all web design and redesign projects.  This includes optimizing images, use of meta tags and alt tags, file compression and combining CSS files into a single stylesheet.
  • We use Adobe Photoshop for graphics and photograph optimization.
  • Take a look at our portfolio. Each site owner has different goals and design priorities, so look around at different sites on our portfolio page. Visit the sites and explore them for usability and easy navigation.
  • Check our our portfolio sites on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Can you tell the Call to Action (CTA) for each web site?  It should be clear.
  • Feel free to contact our clients.  Ask them about our customer service, focus on goals, process, timing, pricing and results.

Give Vicky a Call at 910-556-9088

Talk to her about your project.  Ask questions. Our goal is to provide you with a web presence that meets your goals!

If your business requires forms, forums, blogs, calendars, commenting systems, password-protected access or online training courses ... we can do that (and have). We've created and maintain subscription-based web sites (customers pay a recurring monthly fee for access to your web content) and created on-line training courses with payment systems. We can even create online training courses for your employees, and you can track their progress through the course and assess their learning.

Or perhaps you just need to provide compelling information about your business with a clear CTA.  We have also designed these sites and are ready to work with you.