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I know, I know. You are busy running your business and providing great services to your clients. You can't afford time to write content for your web site. Actually, you really can't afford not to.

I'll be brief. Below, I break down the complex world of "writing for the web" into a few simple action steps that you can use TODAY, with the prospect of great results!

Bottom Line: If you want to stay relevant, update your web pages often

Once your new web site is published, if you just let it sit there, month after month, it will lose its relevance. Yes, good content lasts a long time, so likely those words are still true and valuable. But, the world changes daily, how people use the web changes constantly, and your business evolves, too. And, search engines (like Google) check to see when web pages are edited or updated, and they LOVE fresh content!

THREE Action Steps To Get You Started...

Add content to your web site this week

1. Answer Your Prospects' (Potential Clients) Questions

Sit down with your staff and talk about the questions you most often hear from clients and prospective clients, whether in person, by email, social media - whatever the source. Turn those questions into a paragraph (or two) of text to answer each question.

Think about the words users would type to find answers to those questions, and include those words in your text! You can create an "FAQ" page, start a blog or just add this new text to related content pages on your web site.

2. Pick THREE web pages and add content to those pages THIS WEEK

As a starting point, I suggest your home page and the page(s) that describe your services.

Use short paragraphs.

Write paragraphs but also use lists. Lists are easy on the eye and break up chunks of text. So, intersperse your text with lists, like this:

  • Add at least 200 words (2,000 is better) that further explains what you do or how you help your clientsOrganize your content with a list
  • Write (with details) about the quality of services you provide
  • Explain a new project or recent training you just completed
  • Write out feedback from a satisfied client

3. Add images and links to your new text

Relevant images engage the reader. Images break up text so that your page is easier to read. Links tell search engines more about what your content is about.

Linking to and from your site's pages is a very large subject, so we won't cover much in this post.

For now, use one of these ideas:

  • If you write about your latest project, then link to the Facebook Album you created for that project.
  • If you have a account, you can link to a project page there that you've explained on your web site.
  • If you are selling something, link to that sales page as part of your text.

You get the idea!

Get Er Done!

Commit to these three action steps and improve the value of your web site to your business and your income.  

Then, send me a note and let me celebrate with you! Email Vicky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

But Wait, There's More

Well, not really ... since I only promised a few action steps to get you started.

But, if you want to dig deeper, learn more about writing for the web at