Web Sites for Your Business

Web Design & Redesign

We build business web sites for today's web environment

Most businesses are expert in their own services but have little expertise in web design, writing for the web or web usability. That's where we come in. We manage the web design process for you, using your expertise about your customers and your business plus our web development skills and the many tools we have available to design a web site that supports your business goals.

If your business requires forms, forums, blogs, calendars, commenting systems, password-protected access or online training courses ... we can do that (and have). We've created and maintain subscription-based web sites (customers pay a recurring monthly fee for access to your web content) and created on-line training courses with payment systems.  We can create online training courses for your employees, and you can track their progress through the course and assess their learning.


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Web Updates & Maintenance

We maintain your web site for you

Your web site is an extension of your business, so we encourage our clients to take web maintenance very seriously. If you prefer, we can manage all your web maintenance and content updates based on your input. Or, if you want to maintain your site yourself, we will design it with this in mind such that you can maintain it with your current tools and skills. We currently design web sites using Joomla!™, a feature-rich content management system which also allows anyone you designate to update content without need for additional services or software.

If we manage your content, you (or your staff) will work directly with Vicky Thomas, the owner of Really Fine Web Design LLC. You provide the content and images and Vicky will format them and update your web pages. Even if you manage your content, she'll periodically update the software on your site and is always available for advice or suggestions.


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Web Site Hosting

Really Fine Web Design

Once you have a web site, web hosting is what allows the world to see your web site on the internet.

We host web sites we build and manage on a private Managed Virtual Server (MVS), a self-contained and isolated virtualized environment running its own operating system. Our MVS is tuned to meet the needs of modern content management systems (CMS) like Joomla! and is managed by expert server administrators. We are very serious about security on our web sites and this is one step we take to prevent hacking. Very different from "shared hosting plans", with RF Web Design hosting you are not sharing core services with anyone else but our clients, and we manage our accounts very closely.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of using a combination of techniques to tell search engines (Google, Yahoo! Search, Bing, etc.) about the content and value of your web pages.

Search engines are designed to find the page that best satisfies the searcher's goals. Giving the right information to search engines, in the way they will best understand it, increases the probability that potential clients will quickly find your web site!

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Email SPAM Filtering

Google G Suite

We've all dealt with it to varying degrees.  Spam.  It clogs our inbox, displays words we really don't want to see, even occasionally pretends it is YOU when sending spam to others.  We hate it. There are a variety of ways you can limit spam, such as filters on your home/office email software and email filtering at the web server.  We've tested a variety of these in assisting clients to minimize spam email.  To date, the best solution we've found overall is Google's G Suite, previously called Google Apps for Business.

G Suite is much more than an email filtering service, but it does include Google's Gmail email system which provides excellent spam filtering.  It addition to its great spam filtering process, there are several other advantages:

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