Web Sites for Your Business

Web Updates & Maintenance

We maintain your web site for you

Your web site is an extension of your business, so we encourage our clients to take web maintenance very seriously. If you prefer, we can manage all your web maintenance and content updates based on your input. Or, if you want to maintain your site yourself, we will design it with this in mind such that you can maintain it with your current tools and skills. We currently design web sites using Joomla!™, a feature-rich content management system which also allows anyone you designate to update content without need for additional services or software.

If we manage your content, you (or your staff) will work directly with Vicky Thomas, the owner of Really Fine Web Design LLC. You provide the content and images and Vicky will format them and update your web pages. Even if you manage your content, she'll periodically update the software on your site and is always available for advice or suggestions.


Once your web site is "live", visitors to your web site will form an opinion about your business based on the look and usefulness of your web site — this is your great opportunity to shine! Your maintenance plan should address how you will keep all information on your web site current and correct and who will follow-up on every email or form submitted to your business.

If you gave web users the option to sign up for a newsletter (a great tool to keep clients and potential clients informed about your business), then be sure to send them a professional newsletter as promised! Finally, decide who will review monthly web statistics and continuously adapt your web site content to improve these stats.

We can help you with all your web maintenance tasks.  However, regardless of who maintains your site, it is important that you "own" your web site content and features and continue to make it useful for you and your clients! The frequency of updates to any web site varies, based on the type of business. However, every business should review all web pages at least once weekly.