Client Feedback

Client Feedback - Thanks, Y'All!

I am happy to recommend Vicky ... We have used her for a long time through multiple websites and growth.

She is fully qualified and capable ... I have never questioned her abilities, and if she does run up against something that she needs to learn more about she lets me know ... She has very high integrity.

But what I really love about Vicky is she really feels like she is a part of my team. She thinks about my websites as if they are hers. She has been very patient with me through any tech-stress I may have and calmly gets things done ... and advises me what she thinks needs to be done if I haven't thought of it, with pro's and con's for each option.

I have not had any issues related to Vicky and when there was even a hint of a glitch from outside sources she has been immediately responsive.

As you can tell I can confidently and enthusiastically recommend her.

Karen Rohlf
(client since 2009)

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My experience with Vicky Thomas at Really Fine Web Design has been AMAZING! I can express unbridled enthusiasm.

Vicky is not only professional, but has many times saved me not just time (therefore money) but money by researching carefully and therefore helping me to make the best decisions for my business.

My business website is fairly complicated, as it is not only a website for my dog training and public speaking business, but I do online teaching, too. She has guided me through all of these with a minimum of stress and has increased my business with the sleek, yet homey design that I wanted. My website is also easy to use, and even though there is a load of stuff on it, my clients comment on how easy it is to maneuver around it.

Vicky has also supported my business schemes to make them successful, and made sure I had adequate information to make decisions, so I feel so comfortable now with her advice.

She is one of those few people in my business that make my life EASIER rather than more difficult.

Brenda Aloff
(client since 2014)

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